Fleet Management

All training courses can be offered on an individual basis. It could be very expensive to take an entire salesforce off the road for a lecture on Duty of Care. Dragon Driver could offer a selective questionnaire to the particular department and ask them to circulate to all company employees that the company wishes to target for duty of care. Once the questionnaires are returned the Dragon Driver can assess which employees require remedial work and which employees require on road training. Some employees can be taken into a lecture to bring them up to standard with literature support. Whilst other employees may require one to one on road training, with literature support.

Also the company can decide to send all its employees that fit the duty of care requirements on a one to one on road training, with literature support over a course of days or months. Each employee should spend no more than 3 hours on the course, some may only require 2 hours.

Then after this corrective training can take place if an employee has a crash of any description. Also new employees as part of their induction can take one to one on road training, with literature support. The courses offered should be no more than 3 hours in length and incorporate a 20 minute lecture, the use of the driver’s handbook and a driving assessment.