Duty of Care

Duty of Care & Fleet Driver Training offered by Dragon Driver Training is for employers, managers or supervisors whose employees drive vehicles in class B classification.

Driving for Work

Driving for Work - Duty of Care IrelandThe classification under EU law for driving for work is any person who drives on a road as part of their work in a company vehicle or their own vehicle receiving an allowance from their employer for miles driven (except driving to and from work). Driving for work not only involves a risk for the driver, but also for fellow workers, members of the public like pedestrians and other road users.

By law you as an employer or self-employed person you must manage the risks that can arise when employees drive on roads for work. Statistics show that the rates of road collisions are higher for persons who drive for work. A recent RSA/HAS report showed that in one pilot area that worked related road deaths from collisions was double that from other causes. Also that one third of all fatal road collisions involved a driver who was at work at the time.


The following statistics taken from the RSA between 1997 and 2007 show that 266 people were killed and 443 were seriously injured in collisions involving at least one vehicle in which someone was either travelling to and from work or driving for work. Statistics show that people who drive for work have 30% to 40% more collisions than ordinary drivers. Also risks increase for those when they drive over 40,000 Kilometres a year. It was found in a research survey done by the Health and Safety Authority that there was a lack of awareness among employers that they must manage work related driving activities.