EU Rules on Driving

EU-rules-on-drivingThese rules stipulate that employees should not drive under conditions that are unsafe or that may create an unsafe environment. This means that drivers must obey rules on driving times, breaks and rest periods. That the vehicles used are roadworthy and fit for purpose at all times.

Drivers should never have pressure put on them to complete journeys in a shorter time than safely recommended or use any vehicle that is not roadworthy or fit for purpose. The employer must not enter into any form of contract that dictates schedules that may put driver safety at risk or any other road user.

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Notifications of Road CollisionsEmployers must notify the Health and Safety Authority if an employee is killed, injured or suffered a condition as a result of driving or riding in a vehicle for work, exposure to a substance or injury from an article being carried by a work vehicle, the activities of another person who was involved in loading or unloading any article or substance onto or off a vehicle at the time of the collision, the employers own activities or those of another person who was at the time of the collision taking part in work on or alongside a road, involving the construction , demolition, changing, repair or maintenance of the road or any road markings or equipment, the verges fences, hedges, or other boundaries of the road, pipes or cables on, under, over or next to the road, or buildings or structures next to or above the road.