Safe Systems of Work

Safe Systems of WorkWhat are safe Systems of Work? Employers must put in place standard operation procedures or systems of work, that document safe procedures of work to secure loads, identify hazards, and assess the risks to employee safety. And put in procedures with adequate control that minimise or avoid risk.

Carrying out risk assessment should identify hazards and assess the risks associated with driving for work.

Proper control measures would be required to prevent or reduce the risk factors.

Information, instruction and trainingThe employer should give employees full proper information and training to protect their health, safety and welfare, this is inclusive of employees who drive for work.

Liability of Company DirectorsCompany directors are liable for the safety of their employees. Under Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, directors may be prosecuted following a work related road collision if it proven that they have not managed safety properly. Convictions under this Act could get employers up to €3million and/or 2 years in prison. There is also possibility of Corporate Manslaughter under EU law.